Forums - Gaming Discussion - Careful with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo's All Stars) heading to the west, the game is such a big dissapoint.

I wanted to buy Jojo's All Stars for some time ago, but the price (7.000 Yen) keep me away from the buy.

Specially nowadays with GTA V and other great games which are coming out, no money for everything.

But something happens... in less than 1 month the game got a really huge price cut, from 7.000 now is 3.000 yen new, and 2.000 second hand.

So i got the chance and i bought it.

I start playing it and the game seems fucking awesome, even is a 30fps fighting game the Graphics are so great (One of the best Cell Shading i have ever seen) and the developers are Ciber Connect so you can expect a really crazy super moves:

So i was amazed with this new game (Even in Amazon.Jp was getting such a bad scores from buyers and a lot of bad comments) then i found where is the problem.

The game dosn't has any interesting mode to play, the Story mode it's sooo short... doing shortcuts and resuming the story (Just a few lines, not showing every character) it is an Story Mode which is saying: "Just be quick and finish soon" (The kind of sentence every girlfriend says sometime)

I tried to find something else to do in the game, then i got to the "Campaing Mode" which seems the most interesting because seems long and it says you can get so much content, but... surprise!

You can only access to this mode if you download it previosly from PSN, and even is mono player this mode can only be played ONLINE, and you have an small bar of energy which you're losing everytime you had a fight, and after the bar get empty (Pretty soon, like 7 or 8 rounds) it says: You must wait until you get more energy (Waiting some time), or you can buy energy. (With REAL MONEY)

What the fuck is this joke???! So you just spend the money in a game and the most interesting mode has the kind of "FREE TO PLAY" politics, which you can find in every FTP game on Android/IOS.

And you Namco/Bandai guys were asking 7.000 yen (71$) for this?!

Is this where videogames are heading? Because it is so... i go down just right now.

Guys, if the game finally comes out in your country make sure to know if they keep this shit.

PS: Also, so so many characters are coming by DLC. (300 Yen - 3$) each character. (At first 600 Yen, but they cut the price because no one was buying)

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Always online single player mode where you have to pay for a health potion? Sounds like something for Aonuma to implement in the next Zelda.


Now you know why the price droped so fast...

Welp, there goes my hype.

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This reminds me of Beautiful Katamari, actually. Namco locked content on purpose (Content you actually need) and made you pay more for it.

Wright said:

This reminds me of Beautiful Katamari, actually. Namco locked content on purpose (Content you actually need) and made you pay more for it.

The DLC content in videogames is getting worse and worse.

What a bad move from Namco, the game sold crazy much in Japan (Arround 500.000 or even more) and they stab their customers in the back with a shit like this.

Scores & Reviews from users:

This people is pretty angry. (And the second hand shops are getting tons of this crap)

I think Japanese customers may forgive if a saga gets worse in terms of quality (Like Resident Evil) or at least give it some chances.

But i don't think they will forgive some dirty trick like this one, i don't think Namco/bandai gonna cheat anyone anymore with a cheap Anime Videogame full of money robber content.

Wtf Namco dont implement your f2p bull$ in a full priced game!!


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Not surprised. Already saw countless bad user reviews shortly after release.

Sometimes it's better to not buy a game on release date. But I guess people felt safe after Famitsu gave it a perfect score.

Barozi said:

 But I guess people felt safe after Famitsu [...]

Who trust Famitsu these days?