New Gorgeous Knack Screens (Very Smoothly Between 30 and 60 fps)

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Ice knack has a penis... this game is NOT for kids

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Kratos said:

I did enjoy that the materials Knack uses to make himself bigger can burn which take away health

that's wood knack, he can burn like you see in one of the pics. the metal knack will be magnetic as more metal you use to grow and so on... you can read that in the link ethomaz posted in op.

Yep just did some google, they fixed framerate issue. it looks much smoother in recent trailers but gameplay is no where these cutscenes quality visually. Those screens looks way more impressive than gameplay Graphics.

Another game going to 60fps.

More screens here: http://gematsu.com/gallery/knack/october-18-2013/

Or here: http://www.gamersyde.com/news_knack_images_and_concept_arts-14747_en.html

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This is good news! I really wanted to hear the game will run at least 30fps!

Man, I can't wait for the reviews of this game. I've gone from hyped, to "meh," and back again so many times since it's initial reveal.

"between"?! guys, either locked 30 or 60 but not between... better keep 30 locked, it's a jump'n'run, not so crucial here.

I've heard bad things from people that have played it but who knows I guess we'll see when reviews come out. I thought the game was mentioned as being 30fps. If the framerate is constantly moving from 30fps-60fps and anything in between it would be unplayable. BF4 dipping into the 40s on my PC was unplayable. Framerates need to be locked.