What game sold you on the Xbox One?

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What game sold you on the XBO?

Killer Instinct 14 7.14%
Halo 5 38 19.39%
Forza 5 15 7.65%
Fable Legends 2 1.02%
Quantum Break 20 10.20%
Ryse: Son of Rome 18 9.18%
Kinect Sports Rivals 2 1.02%
TitanFall 38 19.39%
Dead Rising 3 22 11.22%
Other 27 13.78%

What game and why?   If it is other reasons then post below.  Features, games, developers, brand, price, hardware, etc.

If you won't own it yet, what are you waiting for?

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Dead Rising 3.


Also, Quantum Break is a nice, awesome bonus.

There was multiple games that i really wanted but for me to buy it at launch Ryse: Son of Rome sold me. Though i cant wait for TitanFall xD

I'm looking forward to Titanfall and Halo 5. I'm sure there will be a ton of indie and arcade games that come along that I will like. I'm hoping they can breathe life back into the Gears universe, after the lackluster Judgement that was released.

First it was Forza 5 because I'm a big fan of the series

And a lot of the other games it has but especially Sunset Overdrive, I just know it's going to be awesome.

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The 360 sold me

Killer Instict, Zoo Tycoon, Dead Rising 3 all sold me. If only one of those was coming at launch I wouldn't be bothering.

Far more excited for Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Titanfall, Garden Warfare and Fable Legends tho.


The entire Exclusive Library that they showed at E3

Dead Rising 3 sold it to me. Won't own it until Feb, when money permits.


They system is self is what sold me. Killer Instinct is the game that really got my attention.