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Release date: Europe - Oct 18, Aus - Oct 19, JP Oct 24, NA - Oct 29





Whos getting the game, whos hyped?  If your not say why.  Oh and, Wii U owners better buy Sega games!!!!

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Honestly, it`s in my to buy list. Apart from Sonic Rush on DS, this will be my first home console Sonic since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for GC.

Hyped. I just started a playthrough of Sonic Colours and will get Lost World once I'm done.

Day1 (wiiu) 3ds later for me!

Preordered for Wii U!

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I am. When ever I get around to getting a Wii U it and Smash Bros. are my must buys for it.

I'm moderately hyped. I think it looks like a really good game. The problem is I just bought Pikmin and Zelda, and I'm still working on Batman AC. By the time my lazy ass wraps those up Batman AO will be out, COD: Ghosts and Mario 3D World. M3DW is a must-buy, but it may wait till Christmas. Ghosts will be day 1. AO may wait since I'm still working on AC. So, if I need a game to squeeze in there it will be Sonic. It has a chance now that Watch_Dogs is delayed. But M3DW is sucking away most of my platforming hype.

Yes, I love Sonic games, it will be mine come Friday (still have to finish Wind Waker though)

About an 88/100 on the hype meter. Probably won't get the greatest reviews, but I Never get tired of Sonic games. Hopefully this one continues the streak of good-great Sonic games. November buy if $60, first-second week buy if $50.

Wii U version for me!


It's a no for me.

It's frustrating for me to say, but I still can't nail down what exactly it is about this game puts me off so much. The more I see of it, the less appealing it is. I see it, and I just think it looks like a mess.

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