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So ive been here for quite some time and got in to a fair bit of trouble, but hey, such is life, devs are human beings too and thus not immune to the draws of joining an internet argument just as much as anyone else.

with that said, I currently work as a programmer working on a potentially unannounced title for next gen systems,, my better, more polite half may have mentioned it without mentioning names  in the past whle joining discussions, so feel free to ask some questions.

there are of course, some rules.

1) if the answer to your question potentially reveals who i am, who i work for, or the title im working on, i will not answer, all you need to know is its third party.

2) I will not divulge specific details from any SDK or development hardware such as key specification or changes to released specification.

3) If you are one of those "meh another unsubstantiated news source" types, you are still free to join the discussion, and even voice your doubts or disbelief in the details present, please do so however in a civil and educated manner, i will not respond to derogatory or flaimbait replies.

4) Do not turn the thread into a console shitting match, answers are meant to enlighten, not be loaded into a potato gun and shot at each others bottoms.

I think that about covers it, fire away.

Some additional information should mr panello or any sony buffs be drawn to this thread, I am responding within capacity of the NDAs i have personally signed, my email, internet handle and home connection are not in any way directly linked to an identifyable connection between anyone you specifically know and myself, I make sure to delibrarly use misleading handles and details when signing up to online forums for that very reason.

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Is it an AAA or a smaller title? :)

Would you like me to bring you an icecream?

Frequency said:
Would you like me to bring you an icecream?

Yes please, rum raisin.

DamnTastic said:
Is it an AAA or a smaller title? :)

See rule 1

What is it like to program for next gen consoles?...smooth sailing?

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Do you think devs will keep concentrating on grafix more than gameplay even more next gen thus making me want to keep playing PS2 games.

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I've heard two very different things about the cost of next gen development; it's either going to cost A LOT more OR it'll be as "cheap" as, or cheaper than this gen. which one is it?

aaaand have ur wife had an account here before?

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JGarret said:
What is it like to program for next gen consoles?...smooth sailing?

For the most part it has simply been a case of getting to grips with the new toolchains, while not much of it is stuff were unfamiliar with a lot of what we are used to doing during the course of developing a title is now done differently, a lot of dirty hacks and tricks used to achieve effects and graphical output now has purpose built functionality in place to better make use of the hardware, in previous generations you could program whatever you wanted but getting that program to run with everything else because a task of trimming off frills here and there, making sacrafices and shortcuts to reach a point where in the end you are balancing things such as complexity of a shader in certain areas to maintain a consistent level of performance, or debating wether or not the environment of a specific area is worth the added effects or if bumping areas you can actually see would make more sense.

For example in dark areas a lot of computation can be culled to increase performance in detail areas that you arent really going to see, and that saving is passed along to lighting effects, it was always a ballancing act between performance and output, one of the primary areas is output resolution versus framebuffer resolution, often times dropping the resolution created a better overall image because the savings made allows for better effects, shaders and so forth, in such instances its a case of dropping resolution in favor of overall visual aesthetics, after all sometimes the non-native resolution could produce a decent image and even hide some of the areas AA misses quite well, where as a sharper image with less effects can give a poorer overall look.

With the new systems, or at least one of them, its not so much been a case of "we can now throw everything at it and it will process it", but more a case of taking the previous bar of balance between performance and image quality and seeing how far we can push it, finding that natural balance is something almost all teams are actively pursuing, regardless of console.

The new hardware is much easier to work with, however.

Which do you prefer developing with, 8GB of GDDR5 RAM or 8GB of DDR3 RAM with the eRAM?

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since you have knowledge in developing for next gen consoles,

I have this question,

Can next gen consoles capable of handling Crysis 1 in 1920x1200 in a lock 60 frames per second with all max settings(including physics) ?