Is the suspense of next gen X1 vs PS4 multiplatform comparisons killing anybody else? It's so close yet nothing!

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is the suspense of next gen X1 vs PS4 multiplatform comparisons killing anybody else? It's so close yet nothing!

Yep, just like the title. It's now Oct 16, we have so little time till launch, yet footage of multiplatform games like BF4 on next consoles is rarer than hens teeth!


LITERALLY the dam has to burst any day now...

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Not yet since there is almost nothing really that amazing when you consider BF4 can't even do 1080p on the ps4 yet (I believe)... and the X1 is even lower...

Also the launch games, just like with every console generation, is lackluster since almost all the games that are available for the expensive next gen consoles are also available for the current gen and the only real advantage is graphics and potentially more players playing in the same map...

So... mine won't till 2015 I am predicting when good games start to come out at a decent pace that aren't also available on the PC with superior graphics


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You'll be getting your comparisons in a matter of weeks.

(it doesn't sound as long if you phrase it like that)

I am definitely hyped for the launch soon. We're exactly 30 days away and I can't wait to pick up my console after waiting in line in the cold outside my local Best Buy at midnight!

I'm just getting tired of it. I'm getting the XB1 first, and the PS4 next year. All of the comparisons are getting old. I can't wait for it to be over. The fanboys of both systems are beyond irritating, considering we've been hearing about things like this since the last generation. I wish people would just learn to enjoy the console of their choice. I'll be getting all of them again this generation, in time. I am excited to play my new XB1.

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Nah, could care less.




Not really. I won't be getting either of them at launch (sometime next year) so it doesn't concern me. Although even if I got them at launch I still wouldn't care.

yes im actually waiting for them to decide which next gen console to get as of now its PS4 but if the comparison show what was shown last gen then im gonna have to get the XB1 instead


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doesn't matter to me at all. differences would be so minor that the only real purpose for them is to fuel fanboy wars on gaming forums.  People should just get the console that appeals to them the most.  Who cares if multiplatform games have one more jagged line on a pole than the other system?  

No, and that's because this gen is such a small jump forward. I am 34 years old so I remember the jumps from all the gens in the past. I remember looking at NFL 2k on Dreamcast and thinking "holy crap, this is utterly mind blowing" in comparison to N64 and PS1. It seems like the PS4 and Xbone are slight upgrades to old systems. The games, at least from what I've seen so far, are pretty much just the same thing we've been playing for years only up rezed. There's just nothing that jumps out and says "holy mother f*%#".

The only thing that really has me intrigued is Steam Box, but that's more or less because by default, it IS an entirely new concept/controller. And that's the thing for people like me who's been in the game as long as I have. We come from a time when the industry was much more progressive and original. It takes more for me to get excited than say, a 21 year old who's less experienced.