Guy thought it was a good idea to express his love for a girl..how wrong he was.

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Came across this story:


Talk about humiliating.

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Did he knew the girl? he could be some kind of stalker for all we know.

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The story doesn´t go into detail, but yes, might be a possibility.

Wish there was a video - still images do not do justice for this kind of subject D;


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That's pretty mean, but the guy should be able to feel her out emotionally about how ready she is, and if she wants to marry.

When he pops the question it should be obvious any way.

That guy has no game, yo.

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Well that sucks LOL.

They make it seem like they were just classmates; maybe she didn't even know him. How weird. Need someone to track down more details.

Lol, one of the comments:

"Things like this happen on college campuses in China with a fair amount of regularity. I'm also pretty sure that most of the time, the guy has had minimal to no interaction with the girl in question (otherwise, he'd realize this kind of behavior isn't normal, and only has positive results in the comic books he spends all his time reading)."

Need Chinese University student to comment on validity of random comment on internet please.

As others said, it definitely depends on the context. At the same time, public admiration like such are a huge risk and if you do that, you should know what the potential risks are.

The video they link at the end is more amusing...guy on his knees begging to his girlfriend while getting slapped....for 5+ minutes.