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so im a Playstation fan through and through but im also not blind. Im selling my Vita as i have been battleing with the thing since launch day thinking 'is this really worth it' and the answear for me is no. it is not. 

There are no new retail games i want coming after Tearaway and i recently just played Killzone on there and that was amazing! but i feel that may be the peak for the system so its going. 

Now i will hopefully have some spare money from the sale so im thinking hey.. why not get a nintendo system! 

Im stuck on which to get though.. 3DS or WiiU?

3DS games i want:

Pokemon X

Zelda: A link between Worlds

Zelda: Ocarina of time

Mario kart 7

Super smash bros 

Donkey Kong


Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Super Mario Bros U

Super Smash Bros U

Mario Kart 8

Now i realy want Pokemon X and Mario kart 8 as both look amazing but both are on different systems! Im also not a big fan of handhelds but again that pokemon game just looks so good and i have always wanted to play it. Im leaning more towards 3DS purley because i cant see WiiU having a bright future and i feel 3DS has most of the games so thats sorta the place to be..

Am i right in thinking this? help me!


EDIT: also the WiiU i can get around £150 in the UK and the 3DSXL is aroud the same price so thats no problem. If i get a 3DS i want the XL though. I hate the original 3DS design with a passion 

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Get the 3DS now since it has bigger library of games. And get a Wii U later after a price cut, or when more games are launched.

hah ill laugh if the second you sell it something you want gets announced^^ anyways get the 3DS, you'll probably have the same problem if you go with the WiiU. 3DS is the safe option.

I'd go with the 3DS but only if you can adjust to handhelds. If you really don't like handhelds in general there's nothing you can do about it. You can get a 3DS XL if you don't like small screens (add both screens together and you got roughly twice the screen real estate of a PS Vita. It's really cool).

Also, I'm not certain the Wii U has a bright future ahead. I really want to recommend it to my friends but it's really not doing all too hot and we all know what that means for future support. So yeah, I'd recommend getting a 3DS.

If you want the games, get a 3DS.
If you want to spite Sony crowd, get a WiiU.

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Wii U is a GCN 2 - I called it months before the release!

My Vita to-buy list: The Walking Dead, Persona 4 Golden, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, TearAway, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, History: Legends of War, FIFA 13, Final Fantasy HD X, X-2, Worms Revolution Extreme, The Amazing Spiderman, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - too many no-gaemz :/

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Get the Wii U, since it has an amazing library of games coming out soon.

It depends on what you want. 3DS has plenty of options, but is gonna be the oldest "new generation" device at the end of the year. This means it will be on the way out in 3 years. The Wii U will probably last another 4 years at least.
You can expect graphical improvements on the Wii U titles as Nintendo hasnt tapped that much into the system capabilities while the 3DS is pretty much already beeing pushed to the brink.

At the end of the day, Nintendo provides different kinds of gaming experiences on portable and hme consoles. i would say, if you are looking at the future and dont mind missing pokemon, the Wii U is where you will see the biggest Nintendo games. If you care too much about pokemon and those smaller off the TV screen experiences then go for the 3DS. Its a decision you should find an answer to on your gaming habits.

With that said... i think ou may be making a  mistake getting rid of your Vita. The system is gaining alot of support in Japan (it competes with the PS3 in software sales) and PSVita TV will increase the installed base in the west to make it viable to localise those titles. It will be a niche device, but if you like Japanese games its the way to go. Also because the Vita still has potencial power to be tapped for series moving forward in Japan, while the 3DS is aproaching the brink in terms of power as i shared with you before. It will soon be a repetition of the DS and PSP situation in Japan. Despite what people say, i see the Vita lasting longer than the 3DS.

Im gonna say WiiU for the Simple fact it needs all the sales it can get, plus were hitting a spell where some great titles are coming such as SM3DW, Sonic Lost World, DK etc then obviously the titles that are coming next year.


Hmm... BOTH! But for now, Wii U