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"Booker DeWitt is a guilt-stricken war veteran who readily massacres hundreds of individuals. Relating to the protagonist is nearly impossible, and not just because he's a terrible person whose hands are perpetually drenched in the blood of his enemies. Because Booker's words and actions so often conflict, it's hard to take him seriously. Why would we ever believe that he regrets killing Native Americans at Wounded Knee when he still willingly enters battle zones with murder on his mind? Infinite desperately tries to engender sympathy for Booker by giving him a troubling backstory, but it feels as empty as the rest of this adventure because his motivations are continually ignored to allow for another extended battle sequence. It hardly matters that he's on a rescue mission because there's so little investment in who he is. Instead of offering an emotionally complex individual as the star, Infinite instead introduces a female companion who desperately tries to give the game moral grounding."

"Treasure those quiet moments when you're allowed to soak in the stunning sights, because such respite is all too rare. Around every dazzling corner await gun-toting soldiers who are all too eager to make your life miserable. Infinite pushes unceasing waves of attackers your way to ensure little more than a minute passes without your trigger finger seeing action. Sadly, in the six years since BioShock introduced a fascinating world with mediocre shooting mechanics, Irrational has still not been able to inject the core action with the same appeal as the aesthetic wonders. The claustrophobic locations of BioShock's Rapture have been replaced by a sprawling cityscape in which enemies snipe you from across great distances, which transforms the personal conquests of BioShock into exhausting, pixel-hunt ordeals in which you're constantly being peppered by unseen heathens offscreen."

Can't say I disagree with a lot of what he says. 

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I think the game is overrated but 4/10? Kidding me?


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Overrated sure, but not that overrated. O_o

4/10? What a joke.


well i stopped reading and watching anything gamespot has posted several months back and this is why.

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The game was overrated but 4/10 is way to low. I think people rate this game to harshly, I still think this is a great game I would give it an 8.5/10


I agree with some of the things he said, but anything less than 7 is ridiculous.

Great presentation, great story, and a solid shooter. If that's worth only 4 points than he has unrealistic expectations. Gamespot has become a joke over the past few years.


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Valid criticism, it was a 7.5 for me. Pretty but not as good as the original.
It started out great, then it wouldn't let me progress without brutally murdering people yet again. If it wasn't for the first and last 30 minutes I would have given it closer to a 6.

they just want clicks for the new site, dont give these idiots attention

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Not at all overrated, it's still one of the best story-driven game franchises on the planet.