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Are you switching?

Going from Xbox 360 to PS4. 59 12.61%
Going from PS3 to Xbox One. 22 4.70%
Going from 360/PS3 to Wii U. 23 4.91%
Going from Wii to PS4/Xbox One. 6 1.28%
Staying within Playstation (PS3 to PS4). 206 44.02%
Staying within Xbox (Xbox 360 to Xbox One). 38 8.12%
Staying within Nintendo (Wii to Wii U). 66 14.10%
Switching to OUYA MOTHATRUCKERS! 12 2.56%
Yo Mama! 36 7.69%

Alright, let's find out how the gaming habits of the charterz are changing next gen.

The question is simple: For your primary console (console for which you buy most software), are you switching from one console family to another, or staying within the same family?

For example, if you had a PS3 as your primary console this gen, are you switching over to the Xbox One or staying within the Playstation family by getting the PS4? Just to note, you can have ALL 3 platforms this gen and next gen, but we are talking about your PRIMARY console, and switching that. Your primary console being the one for which you buy the most software. Also, what's the reason for switching or staying the same?

For me personally, I had all 3 consoles this gen but 360 was my primary. I am switching over to PS4 next gen. This is mainly because I got my PS3 rather late this cycle, but when I did get it I realised that it had the same great 3rd party games as 360 (which were what I was mostly getting), but also a wide and consistent variety of first party offerings and the PS+ service is IMO the best gaming service ever conceived. So PS4 it is for me.

What about you?


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not sure, i like the PS4 a lot. but that darn vita is begging me to troll it.

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My primary console was a PS3 and I'm switching for a Wii U. Maybe at the end of the gen I will get a PS4.

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PS3 -> PS4

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Xen said:
PS3 -> PS4

*Nods approvingly*


360 + PS3 -> Wii U + PS4

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