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I saw this on GT thought it would be a fun thing to discuss.  Other than what Kyle mentions what do you think you guys will look back on and think "It's so great we don't have to deal with that anymore" by midway into this gen?

Personally I can't believe he didn't mention the patches for games and system firmware on PS3.  Lord knows I won't miss that one bit and it'll be super seamless to get a game, throw it in there, and play!

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Motion controling, looks like Microsoft is the only one really still hanging on to it.  Nintendo's is pretty minimal and Sony hasn't advertised their PS Move at all for PS4 so I think its just there to say they have it.

Everything that I can think of that annoyed me will carry on into next generation.

I wish I can say the console wars, but ....maybe one day, but anyway, ......I don't know. Everything I won't miss will still be present in the next gen of the consoles. 


PS: GT has really been bitch slapping Nintendo lately, the raving fanboys won't like that................



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RCTjunkie said:
Everything that I can think of that annoyed me will carry on into next generation.

My first thought, but...

Retail distribution.

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RCTjunkie said:
Everything that I can think of that annoyed me will carry on into next generation.

Pretty much this and it will have a bigger focus as well....ugh motion and touch screen controls. (Now they come up with touch pad).

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Hard to say as not sure what exactly will be left entirely to this past generation.

Thinking here...isn't publishing games easier with less hoops to jump through for small developers? That seems like a good thing.

Motion gaming, the PS3 controller, waiting for long installs before playing a game, the little kids screaming into the mic on xbox live.



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Pop-in, screen tearing, unloaded textures, and most of all people insisting that games riddled with these problems are among the most graphically impressive games ever made.

With all the extra power of the next-gen consoles, there's no excuse for any of these things any more, and they better not follow us to the PS4/X1.

Not much, mostly because the things that have annoyed me since 2004 to 2006 seem like they will continue into the future.

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