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I personally think the vita is superior...the problem is, Nintendo has the games I want (pokemon, mario, etc)

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

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Already sold it for $145 after fees on Amazon. Paid $155 (Had to buy a charger for 10 bucks). The 10 dollars bought me Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 and New Super Mario Bros 2.

I'm ordering an XL off of Amazon now.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

Dude I got the OG 3DS, it kicks ass... but after getting time with the XL.... i hate my 3DS now LOL. The XL is more than just bigger screens (well, not really), its a better experience completely.

XL is soooo worth it!
But if you don't plan on using it very much, than it probably won't make a huge difference.

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You should try them at a shop where there are one of those console totems before deciding.

I do believe that getting the regular 3DS with a few games for $ 150 is a better deal.

I myself prefer the regular one than the XL. Of course the Xl has some advantages, not only the larger screen but also better battery life (it lasts around 1 hour more than the regular battery). But I don´t like it. I feel that it is too big to fit in a pocket, it doesn´t feel like "portable" to me, and the sweet spot for the 3D effect must be wider. I also feel that some games actually look better on the smaller screen than on the xl screen ,like RE Revelations and SM3DL.

As for ergonomics, I have big hands, but I didn´t find problems with either model.

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So, I got the XL at gamestop today. Got the red pokemon one.

Something that really debby downed me is I just realized I accidentally shipped Starfox 64 with my 3DS. At least it will be a satisfied customer, haha (I far prefer the N64 version anyways)

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

The big issue with the XL is the speakers suck... Like its very quiet in terms of what you usually get with other handhelds including the original 3ds

The problem with the 3ds, least the one I have vs the 3ds XL (least in my case) is that the screen scratches easier when its closed but your device will obviously matter on how you take care of it

So overall... I think if you put a screen protector on the normal 3ds, I think its a better option than the XL (unless the size really matters) cause I don't always like playing games with headphones and its always better to have a game asap to play on your new handheld

Also you should take battery into account since the 3dsXL does have a better battery...

I'm soon going to pick up a 3DS XL. The only bad thing I've hear about it is, as you said, the sound. But I usually only play at home, and then I hook it up to my musicangel. Works perfect with my regular 3ds.

Get the XL. It's definitely worth it. I own both, and after the XL, there's no possible way you could ever go back to the original 3DS.

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i thought the same but after selling my Xl due to necesity going back to the original i felt really surprised at how much better the 3D effect was and the crisp screen looked awesome
plus its just portable and looks great (i have the Zelda sp.ed.)

Yea, I actually turned the 3d completely off already. It looks odd to me (maybe it will just take getting used to?).

That being the case...holy crap guys, I thought for a long while that gaming was just becoming old to me. No, I've just been playing the wrong games. Playing Mario Kart 7 again and I realize how fricking fun even single player games can be.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.