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So I'm in the process of selling a bunch of Xbox 360 stuff I bought from a friend for $150, which will net me about $70 in profit. The intention is to use this profit towards my next handheld. The last handheld I had was a Gameboy Advance SP. I've been looking quite a bit at 3DS', and I've found a couple potential solutions.

Solution 1: Buy a 3DS on craigslist with a couple games for $150.

Solution 2: Buy a 3DS XL new with no games for approximately $190.

I'm geneuinely curious if people think the additional $40 is worth the larger screen. I'm really worried about buying the normal one and the screen not being large enough, since I'm used to my 5" phone screen. The first game I'll be buying is obviously Pokemon, which I'm used to playing on tiny Game Boy and Game Boy Advance SP screens...but that was also long ago, well before I had ever dealt with larger phone screens.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

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The big issue with the XL is the speakers suck... Like its very quiet in terms of what you usually get with other handhelds including the original 3ds

The problem with the 3ds, least the one I have vs the 3ds XL (least in my case) is that the screen scratches easier when its closed but your device will obviously matter on how you take care of it

So overall... I think if you put a screen protector on the normal 3ds, I think its a better option than the XL (unless the size really matters) cause I don't always like playing games with headphones and its always better to have a game asap to play on your new handheld

Also you should take battery into account since the 3dsXL does have a better battery...


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Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

I've owned both a 3DS and 3DS XL. The 3DS has horrible ergonomics and is uncomfortable to play longer than 30 minutes.

When playing games, especially those that require L and R, I like to rest my index fingers on those buttons. However, with the way the 3DS opens, there's very little room to put your fingers on those buttons because the screen when you flip it up covers half of the buttons, so your fingers will be rubbing against the back of the screen itself.

The start, select, and home button on the original 3DS don't seem to like to work unless you put a ridiculous amount of pressure on them.

The problems have been resolved on the XL. There's more than enough space behind the screen for you to rest your index fingers on and the start, select, and home button are different and easy to press.

I liked the power button on the original 3DS better, but it's fine with the XL.

The regular 3DS is made for child hands, the 3DS XL is made for adult hands. I personally have pretty small hands, but I'd recommend the 3DS XL to any other adult.

I bought a 3DS and regretted it when the XL came out. however I ended up giving my 3DS to my nephew for his birthday

and bought the XL.

So buy the XL, you will want it in the future. The games can wait.


Believe me you want that extra screen for the 40 bucks.

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Well, here's the thing that is holding me from just buying a new XL. If I don't like the original 3ds a ton (remember it costs $150), I will literally be able to sell it after fees for like $140. The other $10 lost is fine by me, as it will pay for the original case, the mounting station, Star Fox 64, New Super Mario Bros DS and Mario Kart DS.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

Also, I lowered it down to yea.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

Yea, I am going to buy the games and everything for $145, sell the 3DS, and buy an XL. Basically getting a bunch of games and stuff for $5 then :)

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

If you want to play DS games the 3DS XL is the best option, and I'd even argue better than the DS' themselves. The 3DS on the other-hand is quite poor for DS games. That was crucial to me.

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3DS XL has longer battery life too.