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You may know VD-Dev as the team behind C.O.P.: The Recruit. While the game’s reception was mixed, the company pulled off an impressive feat by creating a 3D open world-type environment on the DS.

We haven’t heard much from VD-Dev in recent years, but they’re working on a brand new 3DS eShop game titled “Iron Fall”. There aren’t a whole lot of details available on the official website, but hopefully we’ll hear more soon.


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Didn't Lego City push the 3DS to its limits?

Just looked up Cop the recruit, and holy shiet! Dats some gud graphics for a ds game!

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The 3DS was already at it's limits when it came out at launch so how much power was there left to even squeeze out ?

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If the PSP could have actual GTA games, then the 3DS's limits are still a ways away.

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holy shit, COP has some pretty amazing visuals for a DS game. wonder what they'll do this time around with the 3DS :P

Never heard of Cop, and I didn't think full 3D environment was possible on the DS.

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fatslob-:O said:
The 3DS was already at it's limits when it came out at launch so how much power was there left to even squeeze out ?

Resident Evil: Revelations was a launch title?

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Good to see these guys continuing to push Nintendo handhelds. Shame that C.O.P. wasn't a very well-designed game, though, considering how technically impressive it is. :/

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Plus Lego City Undercover is way more open world then any game I have seen on the PS3 & 360. So the 3DS is already an official 8th Gen Video Game System.