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Your pics not show for me.

she just convinced me that not all humans have brains.. But she compensated that with 2 new boobs

Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!)

Saeko said:
Your pics not show for me.

It's a video, here's the link (Y)

Not her again...

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Yes they do. I googled it.

Also don't google dog brain and look at pictures without first setting it to filter content. I DID NOT want to see a few of those pics :(


The One and Only

Has to be the dumbest female dog in the world.  I feel bad for Christians for having complete idiots like her represent them.

Two big melons. That's the only thing I saw.

Official Hyrule Warriors Thread

Bet With Tbone - I win if SSB for 3DS will be less than 200k first week in Japan

She is the girl of my dreams.

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Her big boobs are draining all her brain's power.