Will Gran Turismo 5 outsell Halo 3 (lifetime sales)?

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Which game will sell more lifetime globally?

Gran Turismo 5 145 63.04%
Halo 3 85 36.96%



Right now, GT5 is about 1.23 million behind Halo 3.  However, Halo 3 has been about 3 years longer.  Looking at the yearly sales, GT5 is outpacing Halo 3.

Looking at year 4 sales, Halo 3 only sold about 563k whereas GT5 is standing at 770k in year 4 with 3 months left including the holidays.  Halo 3 is probably sell around 200k this year, but GT5 can potentially get well past 1 million this year.  Next year, GT5 sales will probably drop off with GT6 coming out, but if GT5 can net another 300-400k more than Halo3 then another year with about 200k-300k more than Halo 3, the lifetime sales will be very close between these 2 games.

Halo 3

Global Annual Summary (Units)

2007 6,835,323 N/A 6,835,323
2008 2,046,996 -70.1% 8,882,319
2009 1,634,295 -20.2% 10,516,614
2010 563,326 -65.5% 11,079,940
2011 362,000 -35.7% 11,441,940
2012 261,982 -27.6% 11,703,922
2013 98,263 -62.5% 11,802,185


Gran Turismo 5

Global Annual Summary (Units)

2010 5,210,473 N/A 5,210,473
2011 2,159,775 -58.5% 7,370,248
2012 2,427,208 12.4% 9,797,456
2013 770,302 -68.3% 10,567,758

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It all depends on how much GT6 affects GT5 sales. Im gonna go ahead and say it wont pass Halo 3 but will fome within 500k

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GT5 will not pass Halo 3 at retail, any chance it had at coming close (within 500K) has gone because GT6 will drastically cut its legs. Also we don't know how much Halo 3 sold digitally, I bet it's a lot, could even reach 13m retail + digital combined?

At this rate, it has a good chance. Depends on how affects GT6 & the next-gen.

It probably won't pass halo 3 since this generation is pretty much over for the most part.

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not a chance in hell, those numbers u show. dont have halo 3's digital sales in them, so i would say halo 3 is over 12 million at the very least. it will get close maybe in the end , but will not overtake halo 3.





That is a long stretch. Depeds on how long stores support ps3. Won't be like ps2 where you can still buy game bundles.

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Nah once GT6 is out GT5 will fall off the map.

Halo 3 digital sales.
Halo 3 goes free in 7 days, for 15 days for XBox 360 Gold members.
That could be 1,2,3 million? 10 million? Any XBox Live Gold subscriber can download them World Wide.

So nope.

It's just that simple.

It might knock at the door, but I think Halo will retain that lead by a good 200-300K, at least.