Who's not buying a Ps 4 or Xbox One this holiday? Why not?

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buyin' a 4BONE?

Yeah! 71 20.52%
Nope! 274 79.19%
After buying all WiiU and 3DS games that interest me this fall I'll have spent more than the launch price of the PS4. Yeah, I can't really afford it. Also it doesn't have a real System Seller for me yet.

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1. Xbox One is over price. (I was never going to buy a PS4)
2. They have better software on PS3 and Xbox 360 this holiday then they do on 4BONE.
3. I own a WiiU, 3DS & Xbox 360, there just no reason paying premium price for a new console.

I will get a Xbox One once the price drop to $350. Beside, I want to see the console review after 3 months on the market PS4 Vs Xbox one. I'll give Sony a chance to sway me away from Microsoft if their hardware is definitely superior and more popular.

If only Sony would change the design of their crap controller.

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I bought a Wii U because it's the most accesible console in my country! The PS4 is going to be 1130 US$ here! xD

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Cant afford it, lack of compelling software


nothing on them that I want and will be too busy with all the WiiU games anyway

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I'll wait for either a white Xbox One or a price-cut. Won't be buying it 'till then.


I did, however, pre-order Dead Rising 3. Guess I can look at the case until I buy the hardware.

Not me. Got my PC and a Wii U so that will have me covered. I will never buy a MS console and I wont buy one that charges for online so PS4 was an option but now it isn't. Plus nothing is releasing that I am interested in or haven't played already on my PC.

i didnt preorder it but i hope i have one here saved for me cause i cant wait until 2014 for one :P


I won't. I've already got a Wii U and I'm not really interested in both consoles' launch lineup.

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snyps said:

There must be atleast one other person not buying besides myself.  My reason is I decided I don't want to be a multi-system owner anymore.  I already chose Wii U. Their classics combined with a few really good action titles are all I need.  I also have my PS360 and PC.  


Roll call. Who's not buying a Ps 4  or Xbox One this holiday?

You know, this is something that weighs on me - being a multiple console owner. This last generation I opened myself up to so many games but had so little time to actually play them. Is it better to have a wide selection of games, but not play them deeply, or better to have a narrow selection, but really absorb them? I don't know the answer.

Anyway, on topic, I'm not getting PS4 or X1 because of the high costs and because of my huge backlog.