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selnor1983 said:
fatslob-:O said:
landguy1 said:

Selnor, are you Adinnieken's second account?  This is almost identical to a thread he had about a month ago.  You also have simmilar comments to his.  Just wondering???


OT - Guess we will have to wait till some actual games come out and admit that they are fully implementing this.

Y'know that assessment of selnor being adinnieken's second account isn't very far off of from what I was thinking LOL. 

@OT - I guess so but at the same time I doubt it. 

Obviously you guys havent been around that long. Selnor has been on VGC since 2008.

Sorry. Back when there were tons more Xbox fans and these forums were better balanced. 1 by 1 they left either to A) unfair mods ( Huge issue in 2010 ) and B) The Sony orientated articles that kept cropping up.

Ive seen some amazing posters leave for good.

I wish Seece was still around. Briliant poster.

Ive seen far more than you can possibly imagine.

And if you think things get remotely heated today, back when there was loads more Xbox fans this site had armys of fans on both sides shredding each other apart.

Nowadays its just a Sony site really. Any Xbox thread gets either A) no posters or B) Loads of Sony posters.

VGC aint what it used to be. :(

man those were the days... now that was fun .... and the joust were not a bunch of tools posting on either side, but actual sounded argument that would colide with grace and violence at the same time :))))

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For those interested in how it can look in realtime. Here's my implementation on a gtx485m:

Runs at ~20fps at 1024x768 with soft shadows, screen-space reflections and ssao (without soft shadows, ssR and ssao it runs at 50fps).