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Project CARS For Wii U Features Particle Shadows, Multi-Threaded Shadowing
Author: William Usher | published: 2013-10-06 16:13:55
If you thought the Wii U version of Project CARS was going to be a softcore port from its PC brethren, think again. Slightly Mad Studios released changelogs for the upcoming high-end racer for PC, current-gen consoles and the Wii U, and it appears Nintendo's console-that-could is actually getting on quite well. picked up the build logs from SMS, where gamers get to find out some of the things the team has been working on with various builds across the home consoles, in this case, the Wii U. 

We find out some neat details, such as the system making use of multi-threaded shadow renders, which means that the shadows will render quickly and in a high quality on Nintendo's system. There's also a mention of increased thread priorities, the HUD being optimized, along with being able to rotate HUD objects (which seems to hint at using the GamePad to potentially change their orientation). 

Also worth noting is that just about all the high dynamic physics from the PC version seems to be making the jump onto the Wii, including car damage, tire buckling and ride height adjustments. 

Nintendo Enthusiast makes an observant note about the threading techniques Slightly Mad Studios is using (or where they are at the current build logs) and estimates that the Wii U hasn't even been maximized with its CPU potential, with the writer stating... 
Other information about the Wii U version that isn’t widely known is that the game appears to only be using 1 out of the 3 cores available for use on the Wii U, something Shin’en Multimedia has admitted to only be using for it’s Wii U eShop game, Nano Assault Neo.
That is awesome if it is true. 

I can't properly tell from the changelogs if they are only using one core or not based on the way the changes are worded, but it's safe to say that Nintendo's Wii U definitely seems a lot more powerful than what some developers (and publishers) have claimed. 

Couple this with the fact that Project CARS is already guaranteed to run on the Wii U at 720p at 30 frames per second, and it's at least looking good for Wii U owners being able to play one of the most graphically high-end games coming to the market in 2014. It's also a very telling thing when you have a game like Project CARS running DirectX 11 equivalent graphics on the Wii U all while other developers are claiming that the system just can't hang. 

There are good times ahead for Wii U owners, mostly courtesy of the independent gaming circuit, where the developers are willing to take risks on a number of fronts, including the addition of high-end graphics with original, unique gameplay facilities, such as the upcoming game Candle, which uses multi-directional light maps and DirectX 11 equivalent shaders for their engaging, hand-painted platforming title. 

If Project CARS seems like the kind of game you might want on your Wii U, be sure to keep track of it by visiting the official website in order to find out what other updates are arriving for the realistic racing simulator. 

Just wanted to get this out there, since we can't seem to get definite answers on the WiiUs capablilities from mainstream developers/publishers. :)

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This is something Nintendo should be promoting, or at least directing other developers to communicate to Slightly Mad, in regards to promoting technically-solid Wii U development.

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This game has gotten more promotion that any game on the Wii U!^

Was one of the first third party games we heard about, even before the original Ports at launch. We have had information trickle in for a year now. I am ready.
Worried about sales though if it has taken them over a year to develop it.
So can PS3 and 360 do these effects?


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This doesn't seem to be better than Project Gotham Racing, but definitively shaping up to be able to beat Forza, Gran Turismo and Driveclub.

Bet. Bet2. Bet3.

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" It's also a very telling thing when you have a game like Project CARS running DirectX 11 equivalent graphics on the Wii U all while other developers are claiming that the system just can't hang. "


Conspiracy? Not quite, more like blattant trolling on the part of the industry. But whatevs.

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day one, also they said they look into steering wheel support for Wii U

will glady give this developer my money




I hope it will be launched for PS4 too.

It is nice that they put the effort in !
Are there any words on a release date and or physical release ?

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Th3PANO said:
day one, also they said they look into steering wheel support for Wii U

That sounds really cool. I tried out Mario Kart 8 using the GamePad as a wheel and it was a lot of fun.