Are You Buying Beyond: Two Souls?

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Are you getting it?

Yes 113 47.88%
Maybe 23 9.75%
Not yet 32 13.56%
No 68 28.81%

Beyond: Two Souls is coming out this week are you buying it or not?

I was unsure if I was gonna get it but eventually preordered it yesterday 

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I liked Heavy Rain and I liked the trailer of Beyond but I have no money and I lost hype. Maybe when the game drops it's price I will get it.

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Not on day one but i'm getting it later. :)

Not on day one but i'm getting it later. :)

First thing I'm going to do after school this wednesday.

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Hell no. I seriously dislike Quantic Dream cause they represent everything I hate in today's video game industry.

Their games are not for everyone, I get that, but they clearly are not made for me. Every time David Cage opens his mouth he confirms to me more and more that every aspect he deems important in video games are superficial, pretentious and shallow to me.


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Yes I'm getting it but not day one. Probably around Christmas.

When the price drops, I enjoyed Heavy Rain but 40 worth of good it was not. 20 and I bite.



My PS3 and 360 are being traded in for Xbox One, so I wont be buying.

GTA5 is my last game of the generation.

Yep, picking it up tomorrow after work. Trading in Far Cry 3 (never even opened it), and a couple other games.

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