Forums - Gaming Discussion - IF Every Third Party Had Their Own Console/Handheld and Nobody Had Support, Who Would Stay Alive In The Gaming Industry?

If One of the Below had a Console Who Would Last The Longest?

Another Third Party not mentioned

Exactly What The Title Says!

If Sega Went back into consoles, if EA had their own? Activision/Ubisoft/etc had their own can they survive?

This also means Sony/M$/Nntendo(lol at them) Would be First Party only, Could they Survive?

Sony/Nintendo Would (Especially The Big N cuz its kinda there) Im sorry MS fans i dont see it surviving for a year.

Capcom probably only have MH on a handheld lmao!


Whats your thoughts? I know this world would be crazy

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Ten years ago I would have said square, now Its hard to pick because I don't really like many third party companies atm (since the mobile shift) I think I would go with "From Software" since they make the souls games.

EA, Activision and I can't believe how you could forget that publisher: Take Two (GTA, Red Dead, Bioshock, NBA, Borderlands and a few smaller ones)

So many idiots roaming VGChartz nowadays....

Those guys have too much shovelware^

Sega and Namco are the only two I think who could do it.

Square, simply because of the influence the Final Fantasy Franchise has had over several decades...even now.

NOTHING generates as much hype as a new numbered Final Fantasy game...Look at Versus 13/XV...with virutally no info on the game, it managed to still be one of the most hyped and anticipated games for SEVEN full years...despite the failure of FFXIII.

Then there is Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest...and Tomb Raider and Deus Ex...and tons more.

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

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EA, Activision, 2k, Ubisoft. Certainly not Sega (they failed before...).

Sega failed because they ran out of money they had tied up in the Arcade business. I think that just means they lack foresight. But so does everyone else in one respect or another .

Ubisoft's trying to put their hands in everything but they produce way too much shovelware. Activision's getting small(they also have much in the way of the PC space) as does EA.These are licensing publishers man. Nintendo and Sony dont license shit.

I'm going with EA.
Maybe Activision too.
And ofcourse take two

if Ubisoft and Capcom teamed up.. they'd have the classics and the triple AAA. That'd be interesting.

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Third party what? Developers? Publishers?

Regardless, I would go with EA. They have too many big series and Destiny is coming on top of Madden and Battlefield. Past that, there is BioWare.