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Let's face it, Mario 3D world look totally subpar compared to the previous Galaxies.  The Wii U is selling quite badly and this subpar game won't be a true system seller.

I predict the game to be the worst selling game of the serie. It will sold less than Sunshine and NSMBU. I think that it will sell 2.5-3 millions LT, which would be a big failure for platform Mario.

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You need to watch the new trailer.


I watched it. Still subpar. The reason I am not buying a Wii U this year.

The thing is that with such a low userbase, whith such disappointment and total lack of hype around the game, it will sell very little compared to the Galaxy's.

I do agree somewhat, this game looks somewhat lazy to me, as the engine seems similar to 3D Land on 3DS. But while the Galaxy games win in the aesthetics department, I think this game with win out in pure fun, especially with the multiplayer. And for that, I think it'll sell more than most here think. The Galaxy games were certainly an experience on the first playthrough, but once I beat them, I had little desire to go back and play more (particularly the first Mario Galaxy). Whereas 3D World, I see myself replaying several times, at least with friends.


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the game will sell like for 5 years with big legs and will be probably bundled at some forget about it.

Sunshine figures are the worst case scenario 6-7m at least

Even if the Wii U ends up with only 10m sales (certainly a genuine possibility), I still think it will reach at least 4m. The game looks amazing.

I don't think wii u is going to sell worst than Gamecube. So, SM3DW it will reach 7m at least.

*Looks at Op..... You could of just ask what will SM3DW sell lifetime -_-

It looks great, its not suppose to be a Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 3D game. As I stated in another thread, this game is actually a 2D style platformer played in 3D. Notice how everything is practically plays as NSMB series? Except in a 3D environment?

Imo this game should do well. Higher install base it can do a couple million. As of now and if WiiU only sells 18-23mil lifetime then this game will easily do 4million+. I dont think anybody should underestimate this game, its not NSMBU (which they brought out too soon especially with NSMB2 a couple months before it!)

4mil-8mil lifetime, depending on WiiU user base. Mark my words a Mario Galaxy 3/Universe will come in 2-3 years (at least annnounce). People get SM3DL/SM3DW mixed up with them

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it'll sell

so bad!!