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Impressions from the drivers (LVracerGT from GTplanet)

Yes, it was on the Thrustmaster T500. That build of GT6 was some of the best physics I have experienced. The dynamics of the car feel completely new. If you watch closely in that video at 2:34 when the car transitions during the switchback you can actually see the body roll go from one side to the other and you can see the suspension squat or "plant" before rebounding and stabilizing.

The car actually felt heavy through the wheel. Even though that run was relatively smooth, I felt like I was wrestling the car the whole time. But when I was in the GT86 for example, it was much easier to throw the car and it felt more responsive. In other words, heavier cars feel heavy but in an entirely new way with the way weight transition and suspension is modeled.

That run was also on Comfort Hards, and man let me tell you how good the new tire physics feel. The forward bite is so much better, it no longer feels like you're on ice. The grip loss when the car gets sideways feels amazing. One of the coolest things was being out on track during the GT Academy and going back into racecamp and practicing techniques you just learned and having it feel near identical.


BONUS: Mt. Panorama, Bathurst in Gran Turismo 6 Offscreen Gameplay.

Here are the impressions from the person that posted the video (Flunkus from GTplanet)

The wheel was their standard G27 set up. Very light on the FF, disappointing and definitely made it a bit tougher as I'm used to cranking the wheel weight up.

Assists were not modifiable, you were only given the choice of a few cars.. none of which new.. and between Automatic or Manual transmission (you could use the stick shift but I used the paddles)

I was a bit shaky on the rig because I like the resistance of my T500 at home, so the wheel felt as light as a feather and led to some hairy corrections.. but basically my impressions were:

-Much more unforgiving than GT5 in the overall physics. Cars were harder to catch, would go into slides that felt totally different than what I've experienced in past GT games.

-In keeping with the unforgiving nature, cars seemed to react a great deal more violently to upsets such as hitting a kerb or going over a hill at speed. This made 'The Chase' at Mt Panorama extremely difficult in the Z4 GT3 and I'll admit I spun out both laps there. Locking the brakes seemed to have more dire consequences as well, cars seemed to carry a lot more speed under locked tyres.

-The sound was definitely not the new engine we've been hearing of. Sounded much the same as GT5. Nowhere near the likes of the Bathurst Trailer.

-This could be me, but (playing in interior view, of course) the other cars seemed a lot 'larger' in a realistic way. I really felt starved for space on the track which led to a very exciting top portion of the track. Constantly having to be mindful of the location of other cars and having to give way quite a lot to avoid an incident. Mt. Panorama is a tight track up the top of the mountain, so it could be a perspective thing.. but I definitely felt 'closer' to the cars than in previous titles.

As for a comparison to iRacing, I'd say it felt much closer. I know I might have been a bit rusty but that car was a handful. I did get away with some open-throttle corners that I would have been put 6ft under for in iRacing, so it's not quite there.. but it's quite a job keeping a race car facing forward with all tyres in grip, especially at speed.

As I said before going down Conrod Straight (A 300 km/h downhill straight with a slight kink before what is basically a chicane called The Chase, as I also mentioned before) is an incredibly hairy experience. Because I've never done that in a GT game before, there's nothing to compare it to.. but I really feel if it was GT5 the car would have stuck to the track like glue. In this demo I could feel the car lifting up over the hills and hitting that kerb in the 'kink' upset my car enough to over correct and send me flying into the grass on locked tyres.

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A Replay is not gameplay, what kind of idiot watches replays anyways? jerking of to epic car racing footage is not my thing

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gameplay would have been better.

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gameplay would have been better.

Do you can do better? Sad but I can't I have no skillz.

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ethomaz said:

No pixelation, at last!

This makes Driveclub, The Crew, NFS, Forza and all the "Next gen" games look like a joke, seriously its not about the graphics, this looks like how a car should feel not a jet plane or a ridge racer wanna be, a real car.

freaking awesome!!

djs said:
ethomaz said:

No pixelation, at last!

Hah! I knew something felt different 

Damn... thats sexy. Seems like the king is still on top. Good to see next gen wont hold gt down