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So there's all this talk about developers not wanting to take any risks because there is just too much to lose so they make sequel after sequel and its just gonna get worse next gen.  So I was wondering what developers do you guys think take the most risks and come out with the most unique games?  I'd say Grasshopper Manufacture, they made games like Shadow of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes and recently Killer Is Dead.

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Fucking Atlus.

Team Ico.. brave men who don't release a game for almost a decade..


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Easy, Nintendo. Releasing always "REHASHES FRANCHISES" for the last 30 years is the most risky decision of all.

My opinion I would say Nintendo. While many devs come out with sequels that will look exactly like the last game, their games aren't like that. Take Zelda for example. Just look at WIndwaker, The original Zelda, Adventure of Link, and a few others. They really changed the formula up for some of those games. That's a big risk I cant think of another developer doing to a successful franchise. Each of their consoles offers something new that you didn't have in the previous console, unlike others who seem to by happy just offering more powerful hardware but the same experiences.

Valve. Not only are they trying new things with their games, but they managed to create a great game distribution service and now doing a free OS, a console and a super weird and risky controller.


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How exactly is Nintendo Risky lol they have been releasing mostly the same franchises for ages now....No risk involved lol