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 Just played the demo and wow...


the visuals can pass as an early PS4 game, one of the greatest looking games I've ever played, it just looks so god damn realistic compared to other games, Quantic Dream's next gen engine is the best I've ever seen. To get this running on 256MB of VRAM is..just wow. 


EASILY, this gen's graphic king, shits all over The Last Of us and I enjoyed the hell out of the demo to boot, completely sold on the game now.

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yes it looks pretty awesome.

its not that it looks too good ,its "Next Gen" games that look so bad.

It's a definite buy and probably will be my last game on the ps3.

Exactly my impressions :P Buying it at launch for sure.

PullusPardus said:
its not that it looks too good ,its "Next Gen" games that look so bad.

No, it looks absolutely breathtaking, espescially considering it's running on a PS3 with no noticeable frame rate drops.



Killzone Shadowfall, Ryse, Infamous, Driveclub, and Resogun all look astonishing as well. But Beyond, graphically blows every other game out of the water this gen.

Yes it looks amazing lol. So amazing in fact, i preordered the game yesterday after finishing the demo!

hahah i was planning on waiting till it got down to 20 pounds or so, like i do with 80% of the games i get, but this looked way too good and i remembered all the fun i had playing Heavy Rain. So i thought what the hell! Let me reward this David Cage guy :D

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play gow: ascension, that has even better grafix. I just played it, but i have been watching videos for the demo scenes for more than a year now so... not surprised. Seriously though, rent it, buy it, dont care.

I give beyond the title because the art style is much more realistic than GoWs...


the scene where Jodie is running through the woods >>>>>

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PullusPardus said:
its not that it looks too good ,its "Next Gen" games that look so bad.

I'll still be getting Ratchet Nexus, Batman, KH HD, and Puppeteer on BF.  Also gotta get LoS2 in February.  That may be my last game.

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