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What's your smartphone of choice?

iPhone, IOS all the way b... 39 23.64%
Samsung Galaxy S series, ... 39 23.64%
Samsung Note, Android. Bigger is better. 9 5.45%
Nokia Lumia series. WP is me. 27 16.36%
Sony Experia series. Andr... 21 12.73%
HTC Android series. 12 7.27%
HTC WP series 2 1.21%
Other. 7 4.24%
I don't have a smartphon... 8 4.85%

Hi VGCers,

I'm sure a good portion of us use Smartphones and we each have our reason for choosing which Brand and OS of Smart phone we get.

My question to you guys is what is your prefered brand/os and why?

My first smartphone was a Nokia N 81. It was a pretty cool peice of tech, but without a full qwerty keyboard or a touch screen, it wasn't that great for most smartphone functionality. Though it was pretty cool for playing games on.

My second one was the HTC Evo 4G. I bought this a week or two after it came to market, primarily because of the promise of 4G. At the time I also leaned a little more towards Android than iOS after watching my friends and coworkers experiences with both. One of the main reasons was, at the time, Adobe Flash was almost the only way to watch a lot of online content and iOS did not support it. (Of course that has changed since then as HTML5 gets more popular) I also liked the more customisable experience of Android, though it had a slightly higher learning curve.

I loved that phone to death, once 4G actually made it to my city. (I had to pay the 4G tax for 4 months before we even had 4G here) And since I was on Sprint at the time (unlimited data usage) I cut my internet connection for a while and used it as a WiFi hub for my laptop, PS3 and 360. One month I used over 40GB of data on my phone plan. ;)

On to my third and current smartphone. I bought he Nokia Lumia 920 in January. So why did I go after a Windows Phone with an almost non existent marketplace, not as user friendly as iOS and not as customisable as Android? Well for a few reasons. One of my coworkers had an older 910 and I liked the way everything was put together and the layout that I became interested. The camera's lowlight photos are what sold me and trust me they are amazing.

I love the devise, the WP8 ui and the camera so much. The other great thing is the WP app store is finally filling up with great apps and games. But yes it is years behind having the wide selection of apps that iOS and Android have and yes some of the most popular developers on those platforms have still not ported their apps to WP. Good thing there are a lot of developers that have made great workarounds. ;)

If I were to upgrade right now, I would get the Lumia 1020, because damn, that camera can take awesome photos from afar.

How about you? What is your Smart Phone of choice and why? If you were to upgrade your phone today which one would you get?

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Galaxy Note 2 is my current phone of choice and i guess where i enjoy the android system and bigger screen combo :D

Both my laptop and smartphone are Samsung and they're great. Won't get another smartphone for years though. Why upgrade every two years when you can just be smart and save money! Before my S3, I was on a flip phone that cost $20 when I bought it in 2005.

Samsung Galaxy S4... I was thinking to wait till note 3 until I realized that my hands aren't freakishly huge

Also I like customization of android and the variety of phones android has... If I were to switch from my Galaxy S4 to HTC One... I can still keep all my apps and they will still work


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kyocera echo and i pay just $20 a month

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I own a Samsung Galaxy S3, but much preferred my old HTC Evo and when I can I am looking at possibly the HTC One.

Nokia Lumia 920. I would not upgrade my phone today as i just recently got this.

Previous phones: Galaxy S2 and Iphone 3G.

I just picked up a Galaxy Note 3 last night after owning a Note 2, Galaxy S2 and iPhone 3G.

The note series is the pinnacle of smartphones to me.

So many features and the best screen for consuming media.



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Previously iPhone.

But now... damn I FUCKING LOVE the HTC One. It is almost perfect.