If you're not buying a Next-Gen Console at launch, what will make you do so?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you're not buying a Next-Gen Console at launch, what will make you do so?

Sales (as in discount sales, not number sales) on the console price will.


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Nothings in particular is needed. I have no urgency to play the launch titles although some of them look fantastic and I will avoid the cross gen games on current gen, instead waiting to play them a proper way (next gen). I could buy a next gen console next march, or even next winter. I could even surprise myself and get one this holiday. Its not a highly calculated thing, its just when I feel like it. Obviously games play a big deal in that but I'm not waiting for anything in particular.

They would need to actually offer gaming that is drastically, not just graphically, different from what we already have.

250 price tag and alot of exclusive games/games that wont come out on PC

(because as soon as a game comes out on PC there is IMHO no point in buying the inferior console version. PC = always backwards compatible, modable, you can optimize it so you can play it with low/ultra settings. I can use keyboard+mouse OR gamepad. I can have it physical and still play without disk. I can play coop/multiplayer with just 1 copy of the game etc....)

So if there is enough console exclusive/system exclusive games and the console hits 250 I'm in

Well, not counting the 3DS, it is true that I haven't made a purchase or Pre-Order on any next-generation Home Console. Is this because I want to wait it out till some actually good games come out?... I wish.

Really, the reason I didn't Pre-Order the Wii U and buy it on launch day was because I had no money for it. If I had money, I would've been all over the Wii U the instant it was Pre-Orderable.

Or we can just say that I'm a sensible Nintendo Fan. Yeah, that could work too.

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Killzone is my reason, If it wasn't launching with the PS4 Id wait for some Rpg to release on it. The main reason I brought a Ps3 was for FF versus lol and that never came so I hope 15 comes ^^