If you're not buying a Next-Gen Console at launch, what will make you do so?

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Like with any new console, I wait until there's enough games that interest me on the console which means I rarely buy consoles at launch.

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when it comes to my country

When i have actual money. Some times i think everyone here have $500 in theirs rigth pokcet, just to expend in the next hardware out there. i'm still saving for wiiu(more than a year saving now) and even with the price cut i still dont have the money. Im a broken college student that only get money from a freelancer job that is not going very well for some time.

If i had the money i would wait till the cloud services work fine in my country(brazil) and maybe a hardware revision, if was cheaper.

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Today most hardware design is left to other companies, but when you make hardware without taking into account the needs of the eventual software developers, you end up with bloated hardware full of pointless excess. From the outset one must consider design from both a hardware and software perspective."

Gunpei Yoko

Releasing a day earlier so i could get it (PS4) before i leave the country.

PSP Lifetime more than PSV+3DS Lifetime.

Let me choose which game I want for free each month with my online subscription service. They don't have to be new releases, but give me a choice from a few hundred older games (via Gaikai or whatever, I don't care) and let me choose. Otherwise I'll stick to my online gaming that's not stuck behind a paywall. I really like the PS3 set up, but I'm a PC + Nintendo gamer this coming gen.

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399 or 499 is not much money to me, I spend more on nonsense. A console is a 6-7 year investment, the games will be coming and I like have a new console for it's new features as well as games.

JWeinCom said:
Wii U- Have already.

XBox One- I don't see myself as likely to buy an XBox One. Microsoft's first party stuff doesn't really appeal to me that much. The only way I could see myself buying one is if Rare somehow puts out a totally awesome sequel to Banjo Kazooie, and Microsoft makes some big third party franchises exclusives.

PS4- Assuming things don't change, and the Wii U doesn't get games like Kingdom Hearts and Mass Effecct 4, then I'll probably get a PS4 when those games come out. I might wait for a pricedrop though. $300 would be a sweetspot for me.

I find myself agreeing with JWein a lot lately :)

This is my thinking too. Already have Wii U and will get a PS4 when it drops to $300. X1 is the wild card. I think I'll invest in one once it has a bigger library and it hits $300. If Rare experiences a renaissance and releases Banjo-Threeie, however, all bets are off.

It's been a long time since a console actually launched with a "killer app". I think the Dreamcast was the last one that had a must have title for me. I've still purchased several new consoles at launch or near it, though. The last two were the Vita and the Wii U. I had the new features of the console plus the ability to play my older libraries on them while I waited for the consoles to hit their stride.

With the PS4 and Xbox One, there simply isn't anything that I want to play on either that would justify the price. If you could see how long my PS2 or PS3 gathered dust before finally having a game that blew me away (Metal Gear, both times). If I had an Xbox 360 before Gears of War, I'd have been pissed.

Long story short, I've learned to be a little more patient. Had either console allowed me to play PS3/360 titles, I'd be all aboard. Now, I have to wait to be wowed.

Nothing, I am saving a lot of money at the moment and focusing on my health, I don't feel like playing games anymore as much as i used to, and most of my play time are JRPGs so its mostly handhelds for me.

I got a Wii U on launch day, that was fun, but I have been stuck with HUGE waits in between good games.  Thankfully that is finally starting to work itself out.  The last few months have seen Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Wonderful 101 come out and the next few months will see a new Main Mario game hit the shelves along with Sonic Lost World.  


So for the remaining next gen consoles, I am waiting for Halo 5 and 2017.  I'll get an xbOner when Halo 5 comes out and I'll probably get a PS4 in 2017.