If you're not buying a Next-Gen Console at launch, what will make you do so?

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A new persona, nier or gran turismo.

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Kingdom Hearts III

to me ps4Xone behave like ps360 and pc in terms of everything i've seen so far. So ps4Xone would need to impress me more. Nintendo brought a touchscreen gui. I'm already hooked on it.

Wii U- Have already.

XBox One- I don't see myself as likely to buy an XBox One. Microsoft's first party stuff doesn't really appeal to me that much. The only way I could see myself buying one is if Rare somehow puts out a totally awesome sequel to Banjo Kazooie, and Microsoft makes some big third party franchises exclusives.

PS4- Assuming things don't change, and the Wii U doesn't get games like Kingdom Hearts and Mass Effecct 4, then I'll probably get a PS4 when those games come out. I might wait for a pricedrop though. $300 would be a sweetspot for me.

Looking at the UK RRP for PS4 and Xbone games, when the price of games drop. Seriously £50? That's a rip off. Where's the UK competition forcing the price down to £40?

This said, I rarely buy games for over £20 so would like there to be a load 2nd hand or old can get for that price.

Hmm, pie.

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When i have money thats probably next year i'll be getting the ps4


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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More games that interest me (currently there are no exclusives coming in the near future that i would want to own) and a price cut. To the 300's area preferably.

Xbox1... not ever getting. Been burned enough with Microsoft.

For PS4...FFXV seems interesting and currently the only reason i see to maybe get a new system. But, given how FFXIII turned out... im not holding my breath. I know its Nomura, but FF isnt what it used to be. They are definitly playing with nostalgia more on FFXIV and LR:FFXIII, but neither of them seems like a game of the same quality level as past FF's.

As far as Wii U goes, it does look more interesting. With X and the new Zelda coming out, its definitly something to ponder about.

Of stuff announced, Metal Gear Solid V maybe.

But the price of games needs lower to £40 again, if prices not raising in US, I'm not paying a raised price here.


I'm just waiting to see how many exclusives I like the Xbox One and Ps4 will get, atm I'm more inclined to buy a PC, in that case I'm waiting for a good value/$ graphics card, something like a next-gen 8800GT or an HD4870.

HesAPooka said:
Demon Souls 2

This. If that rumor was true I'm definetly going to buy a Ps4.