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with all this talk about console hardware and console power i started thinking to my self, what if i personally engineered a console that would be without a doubt the strongest, most poewrful and most awesome gaming machine ever created. as you might imagine the task proved very easy to do, all i had to do was look at what made the consoles out now great, and take the parts that made them so great. so lets start.


The Processor.

The Cell Processor. 

The PS3 is fucking awesome, why? because the Cell. its the future, it was the future 7 years ago and it still is. I also decided to include because it will make my console able to produce 4D Graphics. now thats what i call next gen.


The Ram

8GB GDDR5 Ram + 32MB esram 

GDDR5 is the bomb! but so is esram! so with my genius engineering skills i decided to add them both. that way we can have endless ram bandwith that will even make a game as buggy as skyrim work flawlessy. 




The Cloud.

Yes! The Cloud! this was a tough one, i thought about it for as long as almost 5 minutes, the longest time i took on a part while engineering this amazing console. 

See while thinking i realized that all the endless possibility and power is where? yup you guessed it! in the cloud baby!! so i said fuck you AMD and Nvidia! im using the cloud as my GPU. that way i can have all the power in the world to create the best games in the world! also this way i will be always online and always conncted! woohoo!! also this way we can run TittanFall on the console



So with The Cell, The GDDR5+ Esram and The Power of the cloud i have easily the strongest console ever created! but a console isnt just about power, its about the experience so here is what i have in mind for the controller.


A controller with not one touch screen, but two. yup you heard me. two touch screens on the controller. The WiiU's controller adds so much to gameplay that i took a lot of time trying to figure out how to top that, but then it hit me, two fucking screens! this way we can have one for each eye! trust me this is the biggest innovation in gaming history since the PSP Go. 


The UI. 

People want a fast, simple and easy to use UI. companies have been doing their best to make their UI's quick and responsive but what i have done blows them away. what i done is .......... (pause for effect).........(another pause).............. REMOVE THE UI! yes! scrap it all! dont fucking need it! once you open your console nothing but a black screen appears, all you have to do is yell out "best console in gaming history, game!" and it goes to game, and so on. but not using an UI i have created the best UI ever made. 


and there you have it, the best console in history. now i know what you are wondering, whats its called? well its called the dream cast 2!!!.............. no.. no its not, wake the fuck up and accept that its never gonna happen, it never will. 

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Is this an "our opinion" thread?


I never tried one since it's predecessor, the PlayStation 2, was such a piece of crap that it almost turned me off gaming all together. My disdain still lingers and I will also not be buying a PlayStation 4 for the same reason.

The best console in history has already been made.
It's called PlayStation, and came out in 1994 in Japan.



Me like this one.

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brendude13 said:

Me like this one.

finally someone who read the damn thread.

spurgeonryan said:
Is this an "our opinion" thread?


yes, this is an opinion thread.


So I'm guessing the OP thinks that a bunch of stuff that came out 7-8 years ago makes a console great? I'm gonna just say that its probably gonna be between the SNES or PS2 if you wanted to go by facts. If you want an opinion on what everyone thinks the best console is, I would probably say PS2 only because it has the most sales as of yet.

I believe the best console was the Gamecube because that's the console I had the most fun on.

But then again, after reading the OP, I've come to believe that this is a joke thread and I've already wasted enough time on it as it is.

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y2jarmyofficial said:
Xbox 360 , ps1 and ps2

PSP go