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Are you picking up the game?

Got My Attention
Not Intill later
Not for Me

Anybody Getting Mario+Sonic Olympic Games for WiiU? Online Multi+ Free WiiMote!


It looks like it'll be very good actually, wasnt really that excited but thinking about getting it! Anybody else? We can all compete

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Yep me, that Online-MP is great, especially you can collect points for your own homeland.

With an average 5 people every Sunday at home playing together... yeah... Im definetely getting it and Wii PartyU

Will be buying this! First one in the Mario and Sonic series. This actually looks fun.

I will. I always have enjoyed Mario & Sonic winter games and this one looks like it will be the best of the series so far.

Nice thing that DK got delayed or I would have been broken just on Wii U games

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That worldwide score competition, like a real Olympic Games. Nintendo doesn't innovate, then why we haven't see this online feature on others platforms?

Damn looks like i might get this! So i can race to finish........... And Win










Vgchartz Official Mario Kart Tournaments below:


Finally they get online! Shoulda been a no brainer from the get go!

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Does this really include a WiiMote ?
Might have to get this...