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Cat Goomba is pleased.

Other official pics/art here (Courtesy of GameReactor)

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Yeah, EAD Tokyo delivers. HARD.

So awesome.

That trailer is pure overkill.

Bowser's car is so pimp.


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This game is actually shaping up to look really awesome. I thought I remember it being underwhelming at first, but this looks like great fun. That, and they appear to have been polishing the visuals big time.

I was thoroughly disappointed when the game was first shown, and I'm not entirely convinced yet. It does look better than I expected. It looks like a Wii U game and not a 3DS game like when it was first revealed. I'll keep an eye on it.

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Seems gorgeous. I wonder how it feels to play this SMB2/SMG/SM3DW hibrid

this trailer was way better than the first one, right?

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Looks a lot better than the E3. The first levels still looks bad.