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Any order

Any order 27 31.03%
Zelda NES is back 30 34.48%
You can't fool me, that's Nabbit 23 26.44%
I don't like it 5 5.75%
Less linear? Ugh 2 2.30%

Shamely taken from IGN:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will eschew traditional Zelda structure, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said in today's Nintendo Direct.

While dungeons in previous Zelda titles had to be completed in a certain order, A Link Between Worlds will let players tackle the game however they see fit.

"From a certain point in this title, the order you approach each dungeon is up to you," Iwata said. "The player can decide how to progress through the story."

Facilitating this freedom is Ravio's Shop, where most of the items will be available near the beginning of the game. This bucks the Zelda norm of obtaining a dungeon's item, completing the dungeon with that item, and progressing through the story.


This is how the game will work apparently:

Traditional The Legend of Zelda:

- Find dungeon.
- Explore dungeon.
- Acquire dungeon item.
- Use item to solve most puzzles in dungeon, designed around said item.

A Link Between Worlds:
- Find dungeons.
- Explore dungeons at your own pace.
- Items no longer found in dungeons. Purchasable from in-game store with rupees.
- Purchase or rent. Former gives you the item permanently for a high price, latter gives you the item with a temporary amount of uses for a lower cost.
- Buy items in any order.
- Take items to dungeons and experiment.

From Neogaf

New Pics and Artwork *WARNING BIG SPOILERS*


Any order. Any order.

 Thanks Ittle Dew.

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This could be interesting! HYPE!

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Really interested to see the full effect of this change, how well will it actually pan out, such as how the difficulty of the game will be effected. Someone could be doing a dungeon with less hearts or items as someone else. I wonder what sort of system will be in place for when you actually get to keep the items. Pay a higher price, rent it a certain amount of time(s) or maybe complete a task?
The combat is looking interesting as well with everything being tied to the new magic meter. Allows for more perhaps more strategic battles.
Nice to see them do some new things and I hope they continue this trend to Zelda U

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I have to admit that it kinda scares me, but i can't wait for this game

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they said that this game will inspire some things in the WiiU Zelda, and if that Open World rumour does come true, then this will be sweet.

My only concern is that the story will have to be watered down to allow this flexibility, and I'll miss having all my items with me.

Other than that, I'm down to try this out.

In other words, yes, I am happy to participate in the paid beta tests for Zelda Wii U by buying Wind Waker HD for $49 and ALBW for $39. lol.

Thank you, Nintendo. Just make sure you actually listen to feedback instead of regressing when the new Wii U title actually comes into the home stretch of development next year.

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RCTjunkie said:
My only concern is that the story will have to be watered down to allow this flexibility, and I'll miss having all my items with me.

Other than that, I'm down to try this out.

Looking at the past few Zelda games "real" story progression only happened before the first dungeon, after the third dungeon, after the 2nd batch of dungeons and during the final dungeon anyways.

Also, it would be pretty easy for Nintendo to trigger the story stuff in easily reachable places after you've beaten a certain amount of dungeons (although different outcomes of the story depending on the order you chose to complete the dungeons would be pretty DAMN awesome - maybe in the WiIU version).

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