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So we all have that game that sends us unabashedly down a path of "I NEED IT" at a break neck pace. What would do it for you?

Are there any games, unlocalized or otherwise not on these systems that you'd love to get for them?

Especially if it makes sense for them to be present.

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Smash. That's the one ip from Nintendo that I'd feel horrible not picking up day one.

Already have a wii u, but that game will force me to get a 3DS too.

Endless Ocean 3 on Wii U.

Advance Wars on 3DS.

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Super Smash Bros and Zelda games. I can't live without those two!

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Zelda for homeconsoles.

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new zelda, a metroid with as much polish as prime and around as much story telling as otherM, smash brothers, Something new, and watchdogs on the wii-u specifically.

Wind waker HD comes out in the UK on Friday..my fave game of all time, I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!
A sequel to Wonderful101 may also send me a little giddy.

There are Metroids and Zeldas that I would love, but at the end of the day I'm a complete freak for Pikmin. I just want more Pikmin, man. I'm completely obsessed with it. Oh god, I need help.

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Mario, Zelda and Halo. Probably Metroid aswell.

I would cry very unmanly tears for a Metroid-Dead Space crossover...
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I must know...

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