PS4 beating Xbox One in US poll

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Which System are you in line for?

PS4 310 73.29%
Xbox One 60 14.18%
Waiting til the prices drop 21 4.96%
Don't need them, I am a PC gamer! 12 2.84%
Already have my next gen = WiiU! 20 4.73%
ironmanDX said:
ironmanDX said:

The xbox one got near 10% of the ps4 on an online poll? This has to be record breaking!


This poll doesn't mean anything.

I know. Most online polls mean nothing. Just surprised how close the X1 got online!

This is a little bit different than a poll on a website.  It's Rueters/Ipsos so they don't just post "what do you guys think?!?!?" and let the fanboys roll in.  It was conducted by professional researchers. It's not a true survey but it's far more accurate than a poll on, say, a gaming site.  It's enough to suggest that the PS4, at this time, has a notable advantage in public perception over the XBox1.