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Which System are you in line for?

PS4 310 73.29%
Xbox One 60 14.18%
Waiting til the prices drop 21 4.96%
Don't need them, I am a PC gamer! 12 2.84%
Already have my next gen = WiiU! 20 4.73%

Per the Gamespot article:


According to new Reuters/Ipsos poll, more shoppers in the United States are interested in Sony's console than Microsoft's; 64 percent not planning to buy any new hardware at all.

The PlayStation 4 has an edge over the Xbox One in terms of interest among United States shoppers, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Asked about interest in dedicated game devices, 26 percent of 1,297 people surveyed through an online poll last week said they are likely to purchase a PS4 compared to 15 percent for the Xbox One.

The gulf between the two platforms grows for those below the age of 40, with 41 percent choosing the PS4 versus 27 percent for the Xbox One. The poll was conducted September 23-27.

Reuters acknowledged that poll is based on a "limited sample," but said the results could "potentially point to a lopsided battle during the crucial holiday season."

Sony disclosed at Gamescom last month that the PS4 had seen more than 1 million preorders. Microsoft has not revealed specific figures, but said preorders for the Xbox One have exceeded those of the Xbox 360, which was released eight years ago.

Microsoft and Sony may have a tough time selling consoles at all this holiday, as 64 percent of total respondents said they would not buy any new game-specific hardware at all when presented with options like next-generation hardware, the Nintendo 2DS, and Valve's "Steam Box" prototype.

The PS4 ($400) goes on sales November 15, while the Xbox One ($500) launches November 22.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll also revealed data about the Wii U, which has struggled since launch late last year. Of the 1,297 respondents, just 3 percent said they currently play games on Wii U, compared to 20 percent for Xbox 360, 20 percent for PC, and 18 percent for PS3.


Source : http://www.gamespot.com/news/ps4-beating-xbox-one-in-us-poll-6415108

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Supply will be main problem yes!

Crysis is big part also

The xbox one got near 10% of the ps4 on an online poll? This has to be record breaking!

This thread could be interesting :/

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Price seems to matter to Americans more then other regions. The head start and price imo is why the xbox won america, as their friends got the xbox everyone else did. Not going to happen like that this time around.

is $100 like 50 bread?

It's no surprise this would happen.

PS4 in about 4 years!

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

Seeing as how most people vote before they get this far down the thread, what do you think the percentage will be XB1 vs PS4 later today(10 hours from now)?

I will guess:
PS4 = 55%
XB1 = 25%