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Guilty Gear Fan?

In Heaven or Hell 10 76.92%
Rocksteady 0 0.00%
Midnight Death 1 7.69%
NaH, Heavy Day 2 15.38%

Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:

Is there any sense of fighting game camaderie over here?


Any GG fans? You excited for Xrd?

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Guren no Yumi El sys

I'm a Guilty Gear fan, although I'll admit that I only play it casually (since I'm pretty terrible at it).  With that said, I'm a Baiken user, so hopefully she makes the cut for the casting in Xrd Sign.  The Dustloop Forums is where you'll likely find more Arc System Works fans.

Love the Guilty Gear series.

Really enjoyed the Judgment/XX Dual pack game on the PSP.

I wonder if this will come out on PC - if not I'll get it on PS3.


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