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...and I'm just wondering on anyone's thoughts on the game. After hearing for months about how this game is flawless, and that I should buy it, I did. I've been playing it for a few days on normal difficulty until I just recently got through the 50% mark (at least that's what my ps3 says) on story mode, I'm wondering, does this game get better later on in the game?

Before people call me a cod fag and all that, I'm not saying I hated The Last of Us, but I didn't necessarily love it. In my opinion, it's just a little stale. The characters in the game are pretty unlikable. The stealth in the game gets a little sluggish, and the friendly A.I is laughable at times. Again, maybe it picks up later on, but I'm here to ask what's your opinion in it?

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I've never even played it, I haven't even seen gameplay yet.

Some people think that the 1st half is better, some the 2nd....

I would say the pace probably increases in the 2nd half of the game, but I thought it was great throughout


Loved it from start to finish, and loved the characters.Guess the games not for everyone.

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It's about time.
And I can't tell you if the game gets better or not. That depends from person to person

It picks up later, definitely, come back when you finish the game and give us all an apology for doubting how good it was. Just kidding you don't have to do that, but seriously it picks up about maybe 75% through.

Did you like Ellie at least?
Stealth is a bit sluggish, sure, the whole game is a bit slow and will definitely turn some people off and they'll hate it for that, but this shouldn't be a fast game in my opinion.
A.I. is passable I think, it is difficult to do and this was one of the more ambitious attempts at A.I. not to say it doesn't have problems, it does, but I give it a pass for its ambition.

Winter is when the game starts to pick up, so keep playing, even if you don't like it then, you should still finish it at least to give your opinion.

First off, show me who said it was flawless? Secondly, why would you think we would call you a fag? Third, it's definitely GoTY material and contender for Game of the Generation. Lastly, you say you played 50%... why are you acting like you completed it? Makes no sense. What part did you get up to? I'm not sure what happens around the 50% mark

I feel that it is slightly overrated. If you aren't enjoying it that much now, I don't see your opinion drastically changing anytime soon. I personally preferred the 2nd half more.

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Other people's praise raised your expectations. Just enjoy it for what it is. The more people praise GTA5 or other games. The more i think they are just horrible. So when i finally play it in 2018, i hope to get some enjoyment out of that.

Also you are COD/Battlefield fan. What were you expecting. Just kidding :P