NSA workers abusing their powers to research their love interests....

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ListerOfSmeg said:
FrancisNobleman said:

USA, the country were dreams come true... And also the most corrupted in the world.


They even demolished two tall buildings and put the blame on some dude wearing pajamas from, I don't know, near Oil Paradise Iraq ?  He... stole planes or something ?


Yep, planes took down not just one, but two of the most advanced structures in the world, but the terrorist was kind enough to make a perfect vertical demolition, like if  there were bombs inside the buildings from top to bottom. And then people clapped when they got the body of that peasant, problem solved, bad guys have been shot. All the victims trapped in the staged demolition terrorist act are avenged now. God Bless America, but only the USA, the other 34 countries of the continent... maybe next time.

And about the OP: I wouldn't even get such job, unless I wanted to expose it like Snowden. But that one is also wanted dead or alive. 

ACtually the planes did bring them down. Sorry but its silly people think the gov did that.They also were not the most advanced structures and were never even tested for something like that. The increased air flow super heated the metal and it melted. its basic science not conspiracy Also I had to literally LOL at you considering a rich man a peasant.

I'm not claiming such thing as inside job, or gov job. I'm just claiming I'm not blind, I know the USA and fucking corrupt, and yes, bombs brought both buildings down. I can only feel sorry for brainwashed people living in the USA who lost members of their families.



If you don't see the slow motion explosions going form top to bottom happening clearly before the building comes down, there's no hope for you. You're a pupet in the hands of others, I'll try the hardest to never be such a thing. You can also choose other footage of the same proof, it's all over youtube.

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When emotions come to the game, yes people will abuse their power, like on a forums :P


halil23 said:

LOL, this!   

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