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I actually enjoyed the Xbox one more, but I did spend more time in the Xbox section haha :P 

Games I played on the PS4 were Knack and Driveclub

Games I played on the xbone were Forza, Ryse, Lococycle and Killer Instinct.

Knack was just horrible, the framerate was so bad it was frustrating.

Driveclub I actually enjoyed more than Forza probably because it seemed more fresh to me. Graphics between the 2 seemed pretty even.

The PS4 I was really impressed by it feels totally different to the D3.

Forza was good but felt the same as the previous titles (which isnt bad).

Ryse was alright, I think the version I played was better than ones shown before cause it seemed pretty tight.

Lococyle not much to talk about, only played for a few minutes then got bored.

Killer instinct though was awesome, Highlight for me. And if or when I get a xbone Ill be getting this game for sure.

Xbone controller felt pretty much the same to me as the 360 controller.


Anyways those were my thoughts :)

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it honestly doesn't surprise me that knack won't turn out to be good it didn't look like much to begin with


I think I'm more excited to test out the new controllers than any of the launch games lol

Disappointed to hear that about Knack, I was hoping that game would turn out good and surprise a lot of people, I guess not.

Where did you get to try the consoles at TGS?

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Not surprised that Forza didn't hit the mark for you. (theres been too many Forza's in a short space of time)

I like Forza........... but COME ON MS....... time for a new Project Gotham Racing me thinks.

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DS4 or xbox one controller, which one do you think is better?

There is only one word to describe what I am feeling right now...


A shame for Knack.

So your impression regarding the DS4 is good; the new shape or changes to its design make it weird to me. (all impression, no hands on)


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Sucks to hear that about Knack. Which demo did you play? Like where or what place did the demo start at?

And how did you get access to playing it?


NOOO the only worthwhile ps4 launch exclusive sucked? Maybe its just not your type of game.