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2013 has not been a stellar year for the Wii U, but the holiday lineup promises to boost the system with a fairly wide variety of major titles. My question for today is whether this hypothetical wave of success can continue into 2014.


The following are lists of the Wii U's 2013 lineups from Nintendo and 3rd parties, with only games that are retail hits or are likely to be so being shown:


  1. Lego City
  2. Pikmin 3
  3. Wind Waker HD
  4. Wii Party U
  5. Super Mario 3D World
  6. Wii Fit U
  7. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

3rd Parties:

  1. Sonic Lost World
  2. Mario & Sonic at the 2014 Olympics
  3. Just Dance 2014
  4. Skylanders Swap Force

Total: 11 big games in 2013



Now here's the Wii U's 2014 lineup, based on known quantities


  1. Mario Kart 8
  2. Bayonetta 2
  3. Super Smash Bros 4
  4. X
  5. Yarn Yoshi
  6. ???

3rd Parties

  1. ???



I know the Wii U has had troubled times, and I think things are about to get much better for it, but that's really it for the Wii U in 2014 at the moment. I can think of no notable 3rd party games after November. Will currently unknown quantities save the Wii U in 2014, or will things go badly again?


P.S. On a random note, here are some fairly likely possible projects for the Wii U that may release in 2014

  • Animal Crossing 5
  • Pokemon Stadium: Generation 6
  • Endless Ocean 3






Never Mind, Donkey Kong got Delayed! 2014 is safe!

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They mostly keep shit to last minute before they announce something though, they only announced some games due to desperation.

Mario Kart alone is probably bigger than almost all games this year put together so the number of games doesn't matter that much.

Super Smash Bros. makes it worth it. Mario Kart too.

Edit: X and Bayonetta 2 will probably be pretty good as well.

Do you remember how many 2013 games had been announced at this point last year?

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hahahaha. Pretty much everything I can say.

... But just to contribute something, OP, this is normal. Nintendo wants your attention on their holiday lineup, not in their 2014 games. Most likely they won't announce their 2014 plans until december or early 2014

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Pretty sure nothing will compare to Wonderful 101 gamewise for the rest of the gen period... But saleswise, MK and Smash are clearly the 2 biggest hitters, so in that respect 2014 is going to be huge, probably the Wii U's biggest year period regardless of any other possible games.

I think we might see the real Wii U Zelda at the end of 2014, though.

I don't think so. 2013 isn't putting the bar high and there will of course be additional first party titles announced for 2014.

That being said, it's not going to be a great year either. There is no third party publisher that wants to see the Wii U succeed, so it all comes down to what Nintendo can put out and if they can change the image of the system itself (which currently is GameCube 2.0, not Wii 2).

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They will announce more at directs and e3 time frame.

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Salnax said:

2013 has not been a stellar year for the Wii U


Don't get me wrong but Wii U have great games in 2013. '-'