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Will a Kingdom Hearts game published by Disney be an issue?

Shouldn't be anything to worry about. 29 41.43%
This could be a little concerning. 8 11.43%
Who cares? The game isn'... 15 21.43%
$&*$&$ It's doom... 18 25.71%

So, I just noticed the first KH was published by SONY, and the rest were published by SquareEnix themselves. To my shock and concern however, I see that Disney Interactive Studios is publishing KH III. Should this be cause for concern?

Disney has published decent games in the past (Epic Mickey 1 & 2), but it's mostly been shovelware used to milk a movie or tv show license. Will we end up seeing a Sweet Life With Zack & Cody themed world, or will they let SquareEnix handle the story? Why switch publishers anyway? Was it a money issue, or a control issue?


What say you KH fans?

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Well there just the publisher so I wouldn't worry to much. If they were the developer also then I would be scared to death what Disney would do to Kingdom Hearts.

Dunno, maybe SE dont wanna risk it.

I don't think you have anything to worry about if SE is doing development. Disney handling distribution isn't the end of the world.

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Not really. I'm more concerned about development, and it seems to be in the right hands.


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If anything it could be good for the series in terms of visibility. Imagine guy in Sora suit walking around Disney World with Mickey Mouse flogging copies to people.

I'm worried about disney losing money on this.

I wouldn't trust SE for the world of me to keep a game within budget/timeline.

Hopefully Disney being the money bags means that they will keep SE on a tight deadline and not let what happens to their FF games happen. WE might actually see KH3 this generation then.

Why would we be worried ? Publisher == Developer
Publishing a game is just financing it and getting the income later !

Heck no. Marvel was recently acquired by Disney so I can't wait to team up with Wolverine to put a key up Magneto's ass.

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Hilariously enough, the worst thing about Kingdom Hearts is often the Disney aspect of it.