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The Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Collection sales are updated on VGC and it looks like the game is selling really well considering its a HD Collection.  All the following numbers I am getting off VGC.  So far KH has 0.52m sales and I'm sure that number will grow to 0.75-1m easily.  Other big HD collections like MGS sold 0.32m, Silent Hill 0.31, god of war origins collection 0.45, Ratchet and Clank 0.38, sly collection 0.52, J&D 0.59, Devil may Cry 0.88, and Ico & SOTC 0.98.  You also have to consider that KH 1.5 HD Remix is only on one console, unlike some of the HD collections I mentioned, if it was on Wii U also I think the sales would have been much high considering a lot of the KH games have been on Nintendo consoles.  I think its kinda funny considering the last KH game on home consoles was 8 years ago and the series is still relevant.  So any thoughts on the topic?


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It's mother f*cking Kingdom Hearts, what would you expect!?!?!

Seeing as Square barely released anything (good) this gen I'm not surprised lol

People are probably dying to see some KH action on consoles. I know I am lol.

It has never been proven that it WASN'T relevant on consoles(Playstations) so uhh.. Yea

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Square will make it irrelevant if they dont step their game up


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enditall727 said:
It has never been proven that it WASN'T relevant on consoles(Playstations) so uhh.. Yea

If a series is absent on a console for 8 years one would be safe to assume the sales would plumet, but this shows that KH support on home consoles is still strong.

I am enjoying the hell out of the game, all over again. Glad to see it selling well.

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I'm not surprised. It wouldn't be the first dormant franchise to maintain relevance.

Speaking of Half-Life...

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I brought it day one but have been busy, only up to Tarzan's world atm. I have alot of good memories of this game ^^