FIFA14 is really FIFA13 on 3DS

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Apparently, the next iteration of FIFA on 3DS will only feature rooster updates while every other gameplay feature or game mode will rimain identical to the 2013 version.

"The 3DS version of FIFA 14 is almost identical to last year's version, bar updates to this season's kits and squads, EA has admitted.
In a Nintendo eShop update released this morning, the description for FIFA 14 states: "FIFA 14 Legacy Edition delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes.
"It features 30 officially licensed leagues, 50 real-world tournaments, and 500 authentic clubs. Play traditional matches or free your game in epic 5-v-5 street matches with 3D effects. Play as a real-world superstar or re-create yourself. Optional touch screen controls deliver pin-point shooting and passing at your finger-tips."
The game will cost £39.99 when it releases on the eShop this Thursday.
This isn't the first time EA has been criticised for lazy updates of mobile versions of FIFA. Last year, the publisher faced scrutiny for its Wii and PlayStation Vita versions of FIFA 13, which were only updated to include the latest kits and team rosters."

Source: http://www.videogamer.com/3ds/fifa_14/news/fifa_14_3ds_contains_no_updates_to_gameplay_or_game_modes_ea_admits.html

So what do you think about it? Is this latest great effort by EA going to prove there's no market for hardcore games on Nintendo consoles? Or it's to prove prortable gaming has definetively moved on smartphones?

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Its gonna further confirm that all EA cares about is money... There are plenty of "hardcore" games coming Nintendo platforms such as X, Beyonatta, Cod, Fire Emblem X SMT and etc. There are also ton of hardcore games already out on the 3ds

Smartphones can never be a viable gaming platform... I have an Galaxy S4 and it can play the best graphiced games available on android but that doesn't mean its still great to play on it... Puzzle games, yes, Racing games, sorta, Fighting games, bearly... etc...

I am really worried for TitanFall since EA is publishing it... I feel like something bad is gonna happen if its successful


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EA did the same thing like three years in a row with the Wii.

mjo011 said:
EA did the same thing like three years in a row with the Wii.

Pretty much all version, they all feel the same, but that could be me.

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It's the same thing with launch FIFA and the most recent FIFA on Vita. EA really struggling with new platforms.

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Which means it is actually FIFA12

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Of course it is.

outlawauron said:
It's the same thing with launch FIFA and the most recent FIFA on Vita. EA really struggling with new platforms.

Good to know.

To put it bluntly EA can go fuck themselves, to charge 40 quid for a roster change is shameful. I really hope this sells very poorly indeed. With the popularity of 3DS, EA had the perfect chance to produce a quality product and reap the rewards, but they have shown a huge level of disrespect to Nintendo fans yet again. Wii U is better off without them (shame coz im loving Mass Effect 3).

so double sales! win win! :3

That actually is kind of lame. The system is certainly capable of much more. Maybe they are just worried about sales though.

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