Forums - Gaming Discussion - League of legends coming to the xbox 360? The biggest game on the planet right now on xbox?

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While browsing on some reddom website I came accross this:

They also had the day one dlc, League of draven

I really hope it will be ported on the ps3. All aboard the hype train

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Seems legit :)

The style of the cover looks familiar. I wonder where I've seen that.

didnt you make another thread like this?
would be a brilliant move though. first minecraft then this. would be better for X1 though.

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how would that play without a mouse... not that i wouldn't try it

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kirby007 said:
how would that play without a mouse... not that i wouldn't try it

Look at Diablo 3 :) After playing it with a controller on my 360mI have hard time going back to mymouse/keyboard setup... And LOL does not requires many more keys/shortcuts than Diablo 3.

Even if this is a fake I would actually love to play this on my Xbox One or 360 ! 

Omg this must be 100% confirmed, I got a feeling, OMG I'm so hyped!

No Wii U version? FML

No Vita or WiiU version, doomed confirmed.

Wouldnt the text "Of" be better if it was in the middle? D:

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