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How much will the PS4 do in Japan lifetime?

Less than 2.5 million
More than 2.5 million
More than 5 million
More than 7.5 million
More than 10 million
More than 12.5 million
More than 15 million
More than 17.5 million
More than 20 million
More than 25 million

We know it's cheaper, but we also know the PS2 acted as a more promising launching pad for the Japanese than the PS3 likely will. We know the Japanese developer support is looking stronger this early on, but we also know they could very well completely pull out of consoles and flee to iOS before the generation is even halfway over. We know the Wii U is looking very weak compared to the PS3 competitor Wii, leaving theoretically more marketshare for the PS4 to easily nab this time around... But we've also all heard how Japanese gamers have all moved on to handhelds.

What do you guys think? Will the PS4 be a revival of sorts for the Playstation home console brand in Japan, or will things continue to shrink?


About how much do you expect lifetime for the PS4, and why?

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Console industry in Japan is dying, I expect it to sell less than PS3.

It's smaller than the slim so that will be big in Japan apparently and Nintendo home consoles won't take as much away. I think once FF and KH hit it'll really do well. Also the cheaperiness will be a great help obviously.

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Console gaming is on the decline, but the PS4 is facing much weaker competition than the PS3 had. I think it will sell better, but it won't make PS2 number.

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Expect this thing to sell more than the PS3

@Those who is saying consoles are dying in Japan

What Fusioncode said there is true, this thing doesn't even have a competition in japan.

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I think it can do more than 10 million.

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I expect life time between 13-15 millions

I expect it to be around the same.

10-12 million would be my guess.

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Soundwave said:
Console industry in Japan is dying, I expect it to sell less than PS3.

Only because JRPGs are moving to handhelds...Sony just needs to help bring JRPGs to the PS4 and its set.  Its not like JRPGs have huge budgets or anything so it shouldn't be hard at all.