Final Fantasy XV will have more dynamic playable action, fewer flashy cutscenes

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Pre-rendered, non-interactive action sequences are a staple of Final Fantasy, but Final Fantasy XV game director Tetsuya Nomura says much of the type of action which would traditionally be in a cutscene will be gameplay in this new title.

“Since the beginning of 3D graphics, Final Fantasy has largely used pre-rendered movies, but what’s different about this new hardware is that it allows you to direct what has previously been pre-rendered and make it real-time. For this reason, even in considerably dynamic scenes, the player can still control their character,” Nomura said in a promotional video feature and translated by Gematsu.

“The scene we saw at E3 where a Leviathan is rioting through a town, and the main character comes in fighting and flying around in a current of water. Until now this scene would have been completely pre-rendered into a movie by Visual Works (Suare Enix’s film producing team). But now you’ll actually be able to play through it in real-time.”

Souce: http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/22/final-fantasy-xv-will-have-more-dynamic-playable-action-fewer-flashy-cutscenes/#comments

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i am ok with this.


Boooooo! Flashy cutscenes rule.

CGI cutscenes are great, I don't know why people dislike them.

Yeeh for QTE which makes me miss the story cause I'm concentrating on which button will appear next


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Square Enix is running out of money

The cutscenes in Final Fantasy are amazing. When I played Final Fantasy 13 I remember always looking forward to each cutscene hoping to see the next after it.

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Eh I dunno if I like this, I love cut scenes.

brendude13 said:
Boooooo! Flashy cutscenes rule.

Its still gonna be flashy lol, your just gonna be playing it instead of just watching it.

i am perfectly fine with this