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What Tourny Would Be Best First?

Starters Only Tourny? 77 55.80%
Kalos Region Only (Gen 6) 15 10.87%
Everything Except Legendary! 11 7.97%
Kanto Region Only 2 1.45%
Make It Interesting 4 2.90%
Doesn't Matter 4 2.90%
Eeveelution Tourny 4 2.90%

[Under Construction]

~If You are a Competitive Player or looking into being one, this thread will be the main central for it. With XY coming out Soon, I thought it would be Good to make this Now!

If your interested post it here! I will be doing tournies, and will try to make as fun as possible. Maybe Even Have Everybody have their own Title. Meaning people can challenge it.

Ex: If I had the Starter Gym. Rules would be only usage of starters for both Sides. (every match would be best 2 of 3).

You can also trade here and discuss movesets/strategies/etc!

I'll do my best to make a good environment this generation so we can all have fun! I'll make more rules sooner or later.

Also there will be links here to other threads that will contain 3 things.

⇒ Tournies I make: I Will Have Different Rules and dates. maybe once or twice a month)
⇒ User's Gym: Everybody will be entitled to a Gym and an Elite Gym if they want to.(I'll explain Elite Gyms later
⇒ User's Profile Thread: Will post your Records(tournies)/ and any Gym leaders you defeat.



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★Official Tournies★

↓↓↓ VGChartz Gym Leaders↓↓↓

00~Starter Badge ⇒ Tbone51 ~
01~Sunlight Badge ⇒ Carlos3189 ~
02~Kalos Badge ⇒ Ponyless ~
03~ Midnight Badge ⇒ Lelouch_Vi_Brittania
Aqua Badge ⇒ Tbone51 ~

☆ VGChart Users Profiles ☆

Busted ⇒
FatedReality ⇒
ktay95 ⇒
Tbone51 ⇒

Reserved, you may post after This...

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Froakie gonna fuck all y'all up.

Carl2291 said:
Froakie gonna fuck all y'all up.

do you do competitive Battling?

Sooooooo excited to get back into competitive battling for X/Y!!!! Ughhhh October 12th cant come soon enough!

           Survivor Millennial vs Gen X!!

Busted said:

Tbone51 said:

I kno you do competitive battling, Would you be honored to Be a gym leader? You still battle and trade/etc but people will battle you for your own badge with a set a rules. If you accept we can talk thru messages to see wat type of gym suits you! Im already doing the Aqua Gym (Specialize in Water)! Its up to you, hope to hear from you