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How do you wipe?

Standing 231 44.25%
Sitting 290 55.56%

Do your butt wipe standing or sitting?


Trying to prove a friend wrong lol.

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Doing a split.

@Blank are you #TeamStanding or #TeamSitting?

enditall727 said:
@Blank are you #TeamStanding or #TeamSitting?

I will answer when the time is right.


Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

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This is blowing my mind right now.


My Real Redneck friends

Wipe? What is this?

I would think that most people do it sitting, but at the same time... if you're a bit of a larger person than normal, that may not be possible. I mean... if you stand, don't dem cheeks make it harder? lol


notice how everybody is trying to avoid answering the question on the sly XD

OT: I guess it's possible to do both but I would think that it would be more appropriate to stand because you are a bit more in control and if you sit then you're actually sticking your hand IN THE TOILET.

You're more at risk sitting because your hand is between your ass and only a couple of inches above water that's filled with #1 and #2

There are some females who wipe sitting down but that's only when they do #1 I guess

So if an Alien got turned into a human and needed some advice on its 1st time using the bathroom the human way, I would recommend for them to STAND THAT ASS UP

but I guess it's possible to do either.. I guess

I don't wipe.