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Crimson Dragon developer and creator of Panzer Dragoon Yukio Futatsugi has expressed his interest in both mobile development and to work with Nintendo again in a new interview. He also has glowing things to say about his dealings with Microsoft.

Futatsugi, who heads up Japanese studio Grounding told Siliconera at TGS, “My personal interest is in smartphones. They’re gradually becoming capable of having visuals like this. We’ve worked on a number of mobile games so far, and I’m really interested in using the network aspect to make a more interesting game. Perhaps we’ll work with Nintendo again, since we have a good relationship with them…and naturally, Microsoft has been great to us. We want to do a lot of different things, so I guess we’re kind of a greedy company.”

Currently, Grounding is working on Xbox One exclusive Crimson Dragon, and Futatsugi has expressed his desire to make an RPG sequel to the game.


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Working with Nintendo ? Count me in !

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